A Question Posed by Surgical Operation by Indian Army

Khagendra Kumar

Chief Editor, Politic India

Why so much confusion in the country regarding surgical operation by Indian armies in POK whereas there is no confusion regarding killing of 18 army jawans by Pak sponsored terrorists. It must be acceptable to all that the country must speak in one voice when fighting war with another country. But why questions are being raised about surgical operation  in one way or other. Some leaders hailing the PM for corageous step but wanted to release video of surgical operation to check Pakistan's spread of misinformation across the globe. Some leaders salute the army for the heroic deed but donot like the present regime taking political advantage out of it. I have also received several comments on whatsapp , twitter & facebook beleving & disbelieving the surgical strikes. Some comments were sent in high appreciation of the PM. Some ridiculed the PM directly or indirectly as they disbeleived the incident. Some videos have also gone viral raising doubts on the incident. The moment the news of sugical operation broke out, the country felt overjoyed and celebrated the might and power of our defense forces.

Pakistan neither accepted that Pakistani terrorists attacked the camp of Bihar regiment  and killed 18 Indian soldiers nor accepted that any surgical operation was done by indian army inside POK. The world knows well that Pakistan is a breeding and feeding ground of terrorirism. It is not so difficult to identify countries which patronize terrorism. The UN wants a terrorist free world but a handful members of the Security Council could not dare naming terrorist states and taking action against them.  The USA which itself has experienced enough of terrorist activities in this decade did not come out openly against Pakistan. China has its own political and diplomatic interest  in this region for supporting Pakistan . India is a big and valuable market for both China and USA, even though they will never openly support India. USA has a history of taking advantage of world wars and selling arms to all involved parties. The state of American economy is not so healthy and she probably wantsa a situation in which arms can be sold to both rival countries. And China's main target is to keep India weak and disturbed by supporting Pakistan so that India, a country of her own dimension cannot pay full attention to her progress. 

World  politcal opinion is theoretically against increasing threats of global errorirism but practical conditions are not so encouraging .  Even countries with strong evidences of indulging in or encouraging terrorist activities find their supporters on one or another pretext. But India with her strong record of democracy will survive all threats. 

In a democratic state  the people have every right to question the activities of the state including activities of the army & defense forces. The real power of the state lies in its people. The individual, a leader, a political party, suppoters, opposers all represent the populace in one way or other. Hence any question or doubt how absurd or unfit to an occassion appears must be answered. After all rationality is the cardinal point of democracy. Powerful democracy of the country will find answer to all solutions.