UGC List of Journals to Get Academic Points: Decision Questioned

UGC, New Delhi has released a list of nearly 38000 journals which does not include any journal in Indian languages. These journals are cut and paste of easily available list of foreign journals on the websites. In fact only a few Indian English journals are there in the list. India publishes a large number of print and online journals in English and different Indian languages. Quality of a good many of these journals is better than journals enlisted from many foreign countries. Why an Indian should publish a paper in a foreign journal and why not in Indian journal. Why an expert is incapable in judging the quality of an article although published in an Indian journal. In fact UGC is inviting its death by cutting our scholars from the indigenous roots and contexts. Perhaps it is run by the people who thinks everything foreign is valuable. Local and national journals in Indian languages including English have their important role in sharing and disseminating knowledge in our society. These Macauley sons must take lessons from countries like Germany, France, Italy, China, Russia, Japan etc. Which value the knowledge domain reported in their own language.
UGC must realize its folly and donot try to belittle its importance. It is gradually becoming a nuisance body. It does not appear to be a right thinking public institution. It must know many of our eminent scholars like M.N. Srinivas, Ghurye, Yogendra Singh have published most of their important contributions from humble Indian publishers. UGC must not try to draw lines from Delhi. It should also stop to weigh creative and innovative contributions by counting numbers. University must enjoy its autonomy and reject dictation from rotten minds managing UGC. Work is valuable not its publication in a foreign journal. It is high time for the public universities and academia to protest against the borrowed thinking of the UGC.