A two-day workshop on Acupressure Treatment was inaugurated in Patliputra University's R.P.M. College, Patna City on 13 Februrary 2019 in order to popularize and create awareness towards this mode of treatment among students and teachers. The workshop has been organized by the coordinator of the College Health Centre Dr. Kiran Kumari and co-coordinator Dr. Neelam Kumari. The inaugural session of the workshop was chaired by the college principal, Prof. Punam. The acupressure specialists Dr. Vishal Kumar and Dr. Shivendra Srivastava were chief guest and guest of honour respectively. Physiotherapist Dr. Shabana Ahmed, a college alumna, was also present on the occasion. Speaking on the occassion the principal hailed the initiative of the college health centre. She was appreciative of this natural treatment having no harmful effect. 

The acupressure specialist Dr. Vishal Kumar explained the holistic meaning of health and drew the attention of the audience towards the modern lifestyles leading to various health problems. Quoting a UNO statistics he said that only five percent of the world population is healthy in its true sense. Both the doctors explained the significance of acupressure, the indigenous mode of treatment using ppt. slides. Dr. Ahmed played key role in mobilizing the services of acupressure experts in the workshop.

The basic purpose of the workshop is to identify acupoints on body parts and educate about the treatment of various health problems and diseases by putting pressure on those points with accuracy. The acupressure specialists will also provide treatment to the interested persons. 

Among the college faculty, Dr. Shobha Devi, Dr. Shanaz Fatma,  Dr. S. Jain Gupta, Dr. Nafis Fatma, Prof. Shivachandra, Dr. Nageshpati Tripathi, Dr. R.N. Singh, Dr. Jayanti Rani, Dr. Reeta Sinha, Dr. Razia, Dr. Anju, Dr. Pushpa Singh and Dr. Jayanti Rani were present on the occasion.  

The coordinator Dr. Kiran Kumari conducted the programme and also gave vote of thanks.,