Laxampur Bathe was not an ordinary incident. The country was shocked when 59 dalits including 26 women and 15 children of Laxampur bathe village, 90 km from Patna in Arwal district were shot dead by about 100 armed gunmen on the night of 1st December 1997 while they were sleeping. The massacre was called national shame by then president of India K.R. Narayanan. The Patna high court acquitted all the 26 persons convicted by the trail court of massacring 58 dalits yesterday. A division bench of justice V.N.sinha and justice A.K. Lal gave benefit of doubt in absence of proper evidence against them. All the accused persons in the massacre of 28 dalits of Bathani tola in Bhojpur district on 11 July, 1996 were earlier acquitted by the high court on 16 April 2012 for the similar reason. In the Laxampur Bathe carnage, FIR was registered on 2nd December, 2007. The police had filed a charge sheet against 46 persons 11 years after the massacre. Initially the case was heard in Jehanabad court. In 1999, the high court transferred the case to the additional district and sessions court in Patna. This court convicted 26 persons, 16 of them were awarded death punishment and rest 10 were given life imprisonment. The Patna high court set aside the lower court verdict. The Telegraph, Patna reported today that the court observed, 'We are of the view that the prosecution witnesses are not reliable and so all the convicted persons are entitled to benefit of doubt. The prosecution failed to gather evidence in an impartial and speedy manner. Not a single person was found who had witnessed the massacre'. The state has failed in taking measures to find out and punish persons who attacked sleeping villagers and did not spare even women and children during last 16 years. Killers were so powerful that nobody dared witnessing the event or producing reliable evidences so that the court could be convinced. It does not appear much difficult for killers to create a situation in which it would have been almost difficult to prove that massacre of dalits took place on the 1st December, 2007. Millions of the common people in this country live without safe drinking water, nutritious and healthy diet, quality education, medicines, and land and houses. They live without voice. It never means that worst kind of excesses inflicted on them will go unanswered. Laxmanpur Bathe massacre was highest kind of crime against humanity. If such a crime go unanswered then the state has no relevance for the poor, downtrodden and dalits.