Khagendra Kumar,                     chief Editor Khagendra Kumar, Chief Editor
 Negligent and irresponsible behaviourl of a distrct fishery officer created a stampede like situation on crossing bridge near Teldiha temple (famous Durga Temple near Tarapur in Banka dist. ) on Ashtmi puja (2 Oct. 2014) at around 7 a.m. . Thousands of devotees were thronging on the way to the temple . The road was heavily crowded and vehicles were not allowed on this road after main entry point from Tarapur side and another entry point from bolbam path (north) side. The irresponsible officer was returning from the temple in a big vehicle with red name plate 'Zila Matsya Padadhikari'. Some lathi wielding police men were beating the devotees and trying hard to make way for the vehicle. Near the bridge a stampede like situation created as devotees were pushed aside and back by the lathi wielding police in order to make way for the vehicle. Devotees pushed by the policemen started fleeing back whereas others were jostling to go head. In a melee it appeared that some people will fall down from the bridge but fortunately no damage was done. The police instead of helping people, they were abusing, scolding and beating them. When I made a complaint of this incident to the magistrate on duty who was standing with some police in the ground near temple, he tried to scold me and dismiss my complaint. When I argued that why the officer's big vehicle was allowed to enter in the heavily crowded road in violation of set rules, he threatened me and warned of dire consequences. Unfortunately I could not read the full name plate of the District Fishery Officer. In a stampede like situation I could read the first line of the name plate with much difficulty. I could not read the district of which the officer belonged. A few years ago many people died at this place in a stampede. This insensitive, irresponsible and negligent fishery officer must be punished for creating a deliberate situation that may lead to stampede and casualties and also on the magistrate helping him to perform irresonsible and illegal act. This is no ordinary incident. Officers prone to such irresponsible criminal behaviour must be identified and suitable action needs to be taken against him. It is easy for administration to identify him as many policemen were put in action to make way for his vehicle. It is bad to take note of crime after damage being done. I immediately sent e complaint through my mobile to the D M, Banka dist. and forwarded e complaint to the Minister, Secretary & Director of AHD and Hon'ble chairperson and secretary of BHRC. It is a serioud case of human rights violation where an officer has no regard for life of the cmmon people. Readers please write your comments on the behaviour of the officer and magistrate protecting him.