Study of the KSSP, the Largest People’s Science Movement of India


Report Code: PI150014

No. of Pages: 200 pages


By: Dr. Khagendra Kumar

Published Date: 07/Nov/2016


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Trends in People’s Science Movement

Selection of a People’s Science Movement for the present study

Chapter 1  Emergence of Kerala Shastra Sahitya Parishad (KSSP), A People’s Science Movement

1.1   Social forces in the emergence of People’s Science Movement in Kerala

1.2   The evolution of KSSP

Chapter 2  Problem, Methodological Issues and Plan of Study

2.1 problem of the study

2.2 Research questions

2.3 Approach of the study

2.4 Sampling Strategy

2.5 Plan of the study

Chapter 3  Construction of Tools and Collection of Data

3.1 Construction of interview schedule

3.2 Construction of questionnaire

3.3 Samples for target groups

3.4 Process of collecting data through interviews

3.5 Administration and collection of data through questionnaires

3.6 Collection of data through observation


Chapter 4  Analysis and Interpretation of Data

4.1 people’s perception of KSSP

4.2 KSSP organizational set up and its formation

4.3 Function of KSSP organization

4.4 KSSP members’ perception of science

4.5 KSSP programmes and publication

4.6 Financial sources of KSSP

4.7 Mode of interaction

4.8 Organizational conflict and resistance to KSSP

4.9 Internal evaluation and impact of KSSP programmes

4.10 KSSP programmes- people’s like-dislike and suggestions

4.11 People’s feeling towards KSSP members

4.12 Identified weaknesses

Chapter 5  KSSP As New Social Movement


Summary & Conclusion


  • Growth of literacy in Kerala during 1951-1991
  • Distribution of KSSP member interviewed along various organizational levels
  • Distribution of protocols identified on the basis of additional 290 responses on question ‘What is KSSP?’
  • Distribution of protocols regarding nature of science based on the question ‘What do you mean by science?’
  • Distribution of protocols regarding impoverishment of science in the common people based on the question ‘What do you mean by science?’
  • Distribution of responding children along KSSP children’s programmes in which they participated.
  • Distribution of participation of male, female and child respondents in programmes meant for all.
  • Showing print run of KSSP magazines
  • Print run of KSSP and their face value in rupees
  • Income of KSSP state organization from sale of publication and other sources
  • Percent of total income from sale of publications
  • Governmental grantd given to KSSP
  • Distribution of protocols identified in each of the thirteen groups of information units along respondents
  • Distribution of protocols identified based on questions ‘hy do you like KSSP programmes?’
  • Distribution of protocols identified based on question In what ways KSSP programmes be improved?’
  • Distribution of protocols identified based on the responses on a question ‘What is it that makes you like KSSP programme organizers?’
  • Distribution of protocols in response to a question ‘What are the weaknesses of KSSP?’
  • Number of female members along with male members

There is hardly any study available on People’s Science Movement (PSM) across the globe. KSSP is the largest PSM of India. KSSP in a way pioneered people’s science movement in India. It has wide range of activities in the fields of education, health, environment, resource management etc. spread all over the entire  Kerala state. KSSP is the only PSM in India which has organizational network throughout a state (province) to carry out these activities. This is the only study of its kind on PSM.

The study is based on empirical data collected through interviews, questionnaires and observations. The study reveals the organizational structure and functions of the KSSP. Attempts were taken to know the impact of the movement. People’s perception of  KSSP and science were revealed. Strengths and weaknesses of the movement were also identified.

Before conducting the study of the movement methodological issues were addressed in details. The study also addressed many theoretical discussions like  trends in People’s Science Movements, previous movements which helped in the emergence of the KSSP. Discussion on previous movements included century old Peasants’ Movement,  Sri Narayan Guru Movement, Teachers’ Movement and Library Movement.  A theoretical discussion was also made on the status of PSM as NEW Social Movement.

The study is  a rare original work on People’s  Science Movement (PSM).