Contrary to the spirit of National Policy of Education 2020 all the statutory authorities of public universities of Bihar (like academic council, senate, syndicate etc.) have become meaningless to some extent. Public universities move between two power centres like a pendulum. Through mindless instant reporting, undue pressure is mounted upon the universities and they hardly find time to work in stress-free environment.

Bihar is a unique state where direct positions of professors and associate professors were not filled for last 4-5 decades or so. Thus, appointment of around one-third of total existing vacancy of teachers remained out of governmental consideration. In fact, the existing statute for appointment of teachers in public universities and their constituent colleges have provisions for appointment of assistant professors only.

Against large number of vacant posts of assistant professors, guest faculties are appointed. And against large number of non teaching employees outsourced staffs are appointed at a meagre salary. Most of these outsourced staffs are under performers.

All the meetings related to the issues of the universities are either conducted in the secretariats of one end of power or another.

State bureaucracy draws a sense of satisfaction impoverishing the university and drawing a sense of satisfaction and supremacy over university teachers, officers and employees.

University has its own set of protocols that cannot be compared with bureaucratic protocols. If the state policies are to be believed, teachers must be kept at the helm of respect and recognition.

Until the politics and people's representatives learn to manage people's issues of education, health, safety, security, communication, equality and inclusiveness etc. and prevail over the bureaucracy, things will not change as we wish.

We must know the record of our bureucrats are worse than teachers and other professionals. Its poor on most of the indices.

A time line study of district level bureaucrats of Bihar shows that in a several hours of meeting on quality school education even few minutes were not devoted on classroom transaction. But you will find number of bureaucrats visiting classrooms and scolding and reprimanding teachers.

Finally, higher education institutions or schools will never regain glory of our ancient past from where the National Policy of Education 2020 is said to have drawn spirit and philosophical insight until they are empowered and provided with autonomy. This is simply not possible till schools, colleges and universities are freed from bureaucratic interferences and humiliations.